What is PrEP?

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It is a pill taken before sex to prevent infection. In fact, PrEP meds greatly reduce the risk of becoming HIV positive. 

Free access to PrEP depends on where you live in the UK. NHS Scotland or NHS Wales for example, provide free access to PrEP to any citizen at risk. Other countries like England or Northern Ireland also provide PrEP for free while they run a study about its effectiveness. However, people can also buy the pill online or from Dean Street PrEP shop.

Will I still be able to get PrEP during the Coronavirus outbreak?

PrEP meds will still be available through the COVID-19 health crisis. Nevertheless, many clinics will rearrange their services or provide them online to protect people’s health and reduce the number of further cases of Coronavirus. 

In addition, doctors will test PrEP users less often as the pill is still very safe and effective. PrEp users are also likely to only be tasted for HIV and Syphilis. Testing for other STI’s will only be done if there are symptoms. 

Do PrEP meds prevent or treat COVID-19?

No. The drug for PrEP does not prevent nor treat Coronavirus. Please do not increase your regular PrEP to prevent or treat COVID-19. Do not share it with anyone neither. 

For more information please visit https://leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk 

Leicester City Council: Lockdown restrictions in Leicester to be extended for at least two weeks

On 29 June Leicester City Council published the lockdown extension article.  It explains that people in Leicester and its outlying areas are to be asked to continue to follow stricter lockdown restrictions for at least two weeks, and non-essential shops will be asked to close.

This means the city’s bars, restaurants and hairdressers will not open on July 4 as planned, and shops that were allowed to open on 15 June will have to close again from today 30 June.

The latest figures obtained by the city council show that 3,216 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Leicester since the start of the epidemic. Of these, 944 cases were reported in the last two weeks. These figures include the number of patients and staff testing as positive in hospitals, known as Pillar 1 figures, and positive cases identified in testing centres, known as Pillar 2. The council did not previously have access to the Pillar 2 data, but this is now being provided on a weekly basis.

People in Leicester are being advised to stay at home if they can, to maintain two metre social distancing, ensure good hand hygiene and to strictly limit their contact with others from outside their own household.  Anyone who thinks they have symptoms should stay at home along with the rest of their household until they have been tested. Anyone who tests positive should stay at home for seven days, and members of their household should stay at home for 14 days.

please visit - www.leicestersexualhealth.nhs.uk

Tel: 0300 124 0102

For further Government advice, please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance